BUDDYCARE® – BAMBOO is the easiest and most natural way for a lasting fresh, dry and odor-free environment. Whether living room, car, shoes, shoe rack, etc.

BUDDYCARE® – Bamboo is the smell no chance.


  • No chemistry
  • No fragrances
  • 100% natural
  • 2 years Repair EXP
  • sustained
  • Saves money
  • non-toxic
  • Easy usage

BUDDYCARE® – BAMBOO works by absorbing odor particles from the air and the temporary storage of the pollutants within the pores of the bamboo charcoal.

Once a month, placed in the sun, the crumbling pollutants set the ultraviolet rays again. These pores build over time by absorbing particles from the air. These pores can be renewed up to 2 years by the UV radiation.

Without batteries or technical aids: The bamboo charcoal removes odors, allergens and pollutants naturally from the air! In damp, musty environments the bamboo charcoal absorbs any excess moisture, so that neither Schimmel still may form bacteria.

Bamboo charcoal is the safest, most natural and effective alternative to various air fresheners that with formaldehyde, petroleum or fragrances (allergens) are filled. These may be both carcinogenic and to numerous health problems (asthma). The bamboo charcoal is completely non-toxic, chemical-free and fragrance free.

BUDDYCARE® – BAMBOO bamboo charcoal lets you breathe your family and pets safe again, pollution-free and odor-free air.

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