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What is in the bag?

100% BUDDYCARE® – bamboo charcoal. And nothing else!

Why should I BUDDYCARE® – buy BAMBOO?

Many conventional air fresheners contain hazardous chemicals such as formaldehyde, petrochemicals, p-dichlorobenzene and aerosol pollutants. We BUDDYCARE® – BAMBOO developed as a safe and natural alternative. The effectiveness of BUDDYCARE® – BAMBOO reached almost two years and save a lot of money.

It is also a beautiful decoration and does not look like an air purifier from.

Perfect for allergy sufferers and households with children and pets.

Which material is used for the outside of the bamboo charcoal?

The outer bag is made of linen, a fabric which is made from the flax plant.

How long does it take to BUDDYCARE® – BAMBOO, begins to work?

It starts working immediately after opening the bag. However, since it does not smell like an air freshener, it may be difficult to immediately recognize that the bag is active. But you will soon smell it or no longer smell. Within a day you will notice a significant improvement. Within a week all the smells will be completely neutralized.

Gotta BUDDYCARE® – BAMBOO activate when I take it out of the package?

NO! The BUDDYCARE® – BAMBOO is sealed in the package, it is impossible to absorb something until it is opened. Just take BUDDYCARE® – BAMBOO from the packaging and place it directly in your desired room or space.

Can the great 500g BUDDYCARE® – BAMBOO cover several spaces that are interconnected?

BAMBOO for every room in your house to buy, so that you achieve the best results – it BUDDYCARE® is best. Even if you have a kitchen-living room, it is advisable, depending a BUDDYCARE® – placing BAMBOO in each area.

Where is the best placement for BUDDYCARE® – BAMBOO?

It depends on the size and purpose. BAMBOO place in quite open areas where the air can circulate something – it BUDDYCARE® is best. Or to put it in a closed area such as sports bag, locker, shoe box, closet, etc. You do not need to hang the bamboo charcoal, unless you find it more convenient. It suffices if you put it somewhere. BUDDYCARE® – BAMBOO can be absolutely placed anywhere and on any surface or material.

Why does the effectiveness of BUDDYCARE® – BAMBOO only two years?

The bamboo charcoal works by absorbing odor particles from the air and the temporary storage of the pollutants in its “pores”. Once placed in the sun in the month, which ruined pollutants set the ultraviolet rays again. These pores build in . These pores can be renewed by the UV radiation over time by the absorption of particles from the air from up to two years.

Is BUDDYCARE® – BAMBOO safe for children and pets?

Yes! BUDDYCARE® – CHARCOAL contains only as an ingredient – 100% bamboo charcoal. Therein are no chemicals or toxins contained, so that it is completely safe to use around children and pets.

How the effect of BUDDYCARE® – extend BAMBOO?

Once a month, place for at least an hour in the sun. We recommend the bamboo charcoal occasional contact, while lying in the sun, so that the whole bamboo charcoal is reactivated. However, if you live somewhere where not much sun is shining, we know that BUDDYCARE® – BAMBOO may also hold up to 90 days. However, you will get the best performance when you resume it in the sun every 30 days.

Can I BUDDYCARE® – BAMBOO in the oven, microwave or similar reactivate?

Please do not! No way! No way!

BUDDYCARE® – BAMBOO forgotten in the rain. Is it ruined?

No. While it will no longer look like new, but it is not permanently damaged. Put it simply to dry out in the sun. Thus, the bamboo charcoal reactivated and can be used normally.

Can BUDDYCARE® – BAMBOO be recycled?

Definitely! Bamboo charcoal is an ingenious natural product. After two years as an air purifier, the bamboo charcoal is a wonderful addition to your garden, where it promotes the growth of plants and the entire life cycle completes. A product that comes from nature and is eventually recycled back into nature. 100% wiederwendbar and 100% sustainable.

What is the difference between the colors of BUDDYCARE® – BAMBOO?

No functional difference. The color choice is purely aesthetic.

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